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csv to yaml converter world's simplest yaml tool

Quickly convert Comma Separated Values to Yet Another Markup Language. Enter CSV in the input box on the left and you'll immediately get YAML in the output box on the right. Enter CSV, get YAML.

CSV to YAML converter examples




     name: a
     age: '1'
     name: b
     age: '2'
     name: c
     age: '3'
     name: d
     age: '4'


Tool what is a csv to yaml converter?

This CSV to YAML converter transforms CSV (Comma Separated Values) data and files into YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) data and files. This converter allows customizing input CSV and output YAML. It also accepts CSV files with custom column delimiter characters and field quote characters. It supports comment lines and you can optionally ignore empty lines. You can also change how many spaces to use in the output YAML indentation.